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Digitalex offers best price and fastest fingerprinting in the Ottawa – Gatineau region.

Fingerprint identification is required for many purposes, including criminal record suspension (pardon), visa or citizenship application, adoption, and more. It may also be needed to work in certain positions in the public or private sectors, or for applying for a work or student permit, in Canada and abroad.

Fingerprinting with Digitalex is the fastest service that takes only 15 minutes and costs only $55 after taxes!

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How our fingerprinting service works

1 – Come to our offices, with an appointment.

2 – You will need to present two pieces of identification: A primary identification (driver’s license, passport, Canadian citizenship or permanent resident card, Certificate of Indian Status card, student card, firearms license, etc.) and a secondary identification (birth or baptism certificate, hunting or fishing license, hospital card or official immigration documents).

Note that health insurance cards or social insurance cards are not accepted.

3 – Allow 15 minutes for fingerprinting and transmission of data.

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What happens once my fingerprints are collected?

Your fingerprint data is securely forwarded to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for analysis and verification against their database.

In accordance with the RCMP record retention policy, all the fingerprint data sent to them is completely deleted once a security clearance has been issued. No other printing, editing, transmission, or other use of the applicant’s fingerprint images is possible, which protects the confidentiality of the process.

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What is the price for fingerprint identification with Digitalex?

Fingerprinting is priced at $55 (taxes included). Please note that the RCMP may apply additional charges in some cases. Contact us to find out if your fingerprint verification will incur additional costs.

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For which purposes do you need fingerprint identification?

  • Security clearance – $55
  • Criminal record suspension (pardon) – $80
  • Adoption – $80
  • Citizenship application – $55
  • Application to become a host family – $80
  • Taxi license – $80
  • Work permit (Canada and abroad) – $80
  • Employment in the public sector (provincial) – $80
  • Employment in the community sector – $55
  • When traveling abroad – $80
  • Security clearance under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations – $80

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Printed Fingerprints (Form C-216 RCMP)

We also offer a paper or printed fingerprint service for out-of-country verification purposes. This service is similar to traditional ink fingerprinting, but is done electronically to ensure better quality. Please note that this service is temporarily unavailable at the Ottawa office.

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