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Benefits of our Fingerprinting company in Gatineau – Ottawa

  • Fingerprinting company located in Gatineau and Ottawa, Digitalex is a company offering secure digital fingerprinting services.
  • Screening to obtain a security clearance from the Canadian government.
  • Quick and easy service — fingerprinting is done in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Instant transmission of fingerprint data. Quick results.
  • Safe and confidential process: in accordance with the RCMP record retention policy, all the fingerprint data sent to them is completely deleted once a security clearance has been issued. No other printing, editing, transmission, or other use of the applicant’s fingerprint images is possible.
  • Multiple payment options: credit card, debit or cash. Please note that the RCMP may apply additional charges ($25) in some cases.
  • Appointment is recommended, but not necessary.

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Digitalex is based in Gatineau – Ottawa and affiliated with ClearNeed, a national network of fingerprint agencies and corporate security units to provide easy access to fingerprinting services and criminal record searches. ClearNeed and its affiliates are certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.