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Fingerprint identification is required to obtain a criminal record suspension (pardon), a travel ban waiver, or a security clearance to work for the Canadian government or under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations. It may also be useful for immigration, work visa or travel purposes, or as part of the screening process for working with at-risk population. Fingerprint data is instantly sent to the RCMP for analysis in their database.

Safe, fast and inexpensive

By using the Digitalex fingerprinting service, you are done in only 15 minutes for a mere $55, including taxes. We comply with the most stringent confidentiality procedures of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police when handling your personal data.



Security and privacy are our priorities. Our professional fingerprinting services are safe and secure.

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Accelerated Procedure

Fingerprinting only takes 15 minutes, so you can easily schedule an appointment at almost any time!

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Price is only $55, including taxes. This low price covers every step of the digital fingerprinting and analysis process.

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Reliable Partners

We work with trusted institutions and are Affiliates of ClearNeed, which is certified by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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